Probate Administration

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Fort Pierce Probate Lawyers

The Firm is one of the most respected probate firms in St. Lucie County and on the Treasure Coast. The Firm regularly handles probate and trust admiration matters of all sizes and compositions. From the simple summary proceeding to complex, high net worth formal administration, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to assist your family following the loss of a loved one. Our attorneys are recognized as top lawyers and Frank H. Fee, III, Esq., and Frank H. Fee, IV, Esq. are AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell.

Our Firm understands that many Florida residents are apprehensive about probate. Probate involves the legal process of paying debts and distributing assets after a person’s death.  Probate is required in those estates in which the deceased owned property in his or her name alone without a beneficiary designation (e.g., a deed, bank account or brokerage account in the deceased’s individual name).  

Estate Planning and Estate Administration

Our attorneys and staff provide expert guidance and assistance in all aspects of estate administration, from creditor claims to determining the beneficiaries of the estate.  If you wish to avoid the costs and time associated with Probate, our attorneys can counsel you in estate planning and asset protection matters so you might avoid probate in the future.