Debtor Creditor

Treasure Coast Bankruptcy Lawyers

Representing Unsecured Creditors, Lenders, & Business Owners

The bankruptcy attorneys at Fee, Yates & Fee provide expert representation to secured and unsecured creditors, lenders, and business owners in bankruptcy matters. During the pendency of collection proceedings, a business or homeowner may file bankruptcy. A part of the firm’s practice includes representation of mortgage lenders and servicers in Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy proceedings. 

Our firm is dedicated to providing practical and comprehensive counsel from the initial stages of a debtor filed Bankruptcy. Upon a mortgagor’s bankruptcy filing, we immediately notify the lender and/or its servicer of the pertinent bankruptcy information and await written instructions before proceeding in the bankruptcy forum.

Protecting the rights of Institutional and private lenders requires a skilled, experienced Attorney with a sound understanding of bankruptcy law. The Firm is experienced in assisting in the negotiation of agreements to restructure loans, obtaining relief from stay and resolving matters involving a debtor’s use of cash collateral.