Mortgage Foreclosure

Mortgage Foreclosure Law Firm – Treasure Coast

Institutional Lenders, Individual Clients, Businesses, and Developers

We are honored to represent institutional and private lenders in the enforcement of their secured collateral.  Protecting the rights of Institutional and private lenders requires an experienced and skilled Attorney with a sound understanding of foreclosure law.   We are dedicated to representing institutional lenders and borrowers in all aspects of a mortgage foreclosure proceeding, which may include appointment of a receiver, restructuring of debt, attendance at mediation and appearance in United States Bankruptcy Court.  

Our seasoned staff works closely with institutional lenders, individual clients, businesses, and developers in negotiating and restructuring their loans when foreclosure is threatened. We assist institutional and private lenders in the recovery of real estate assets, resale of those assets and pursuit of deficiency judgments. Our Attorneys have extensive experience in the prosecution of complex foreclosure and collection matters, having litigated hundreds of foreclosure cases throughout the Treasure Coast region.

Committed Full-Service Law Firm

We are committed to being a full service firm that can handle the wide range of issues that arise in default servicing be it a post foreclosure sale eviction or a sale of REO property. Title search reports, title insurance, closings, and title curative solutions are available through the Firm as a service to its clients. The Firm’s Attorneys are well versed in replevin, attachment and garnishment to aid in post judgment recovery. The Firm truly is a “one stop shop” for your REO closings.